erin__eva: Just another day at work. Thank you @hrhchriscolfer for being so lovely! #glee #chriscolfer

erin__eva: Just another day at work. Thank you @hrhchriscolfer for being so lovely! #glee #chriscolfer

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He’s your responsibility now. You boys are gonna stick together. You’re gonna look out for each other. You’re gonna have each other’s backs. You got it?

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crispyhush prompted: ENCHANTED AU blaine really doesn’t understand why everyone around him keeps singing good god

(Oh my gOD DARLING. :’D)

Kurt twirls around to stare at Blaine with wide eyes all of a sudden, and honestly, Blaine doesn’t understand how on earth the high sweep of his hair stays in place with all that dramatic twirling and jumping around when Blaine can barely manage to gel his own hair down every morning. 

"But how does he know?" Kurt asks sincerely, eyes searching Blaine’s face.

Blaine is lost for a moment, staring into Kurt’s bright blue eyes. He has never seen an eye color like that before. “Know… Know what?” he stutters out.

"That you love him?" Kurt replies like it’s the most obvious thing, still staring at Blaine. 

Blaine blinks. “Um…” He thinks about Nate, his boyfriend, thinks about the distance he’s felt between them for months already, thinks about the way Nate sometimes sighs so loudly when Blaine suggests going out for dinner together. “He just… He just knows, okay?” he argues. “I don’t have to do anything extraordinary to let him know. I’ve been done with overly dramatic romantic gestures for years already.”

"But…" Kurt reaches out to take Blaine’s hand, making Blaine’s heart skip a beat. "That’s silly, Blaine. He can’t just know.”

"He still does, okay?" Blaine pulls his hand away, ignoring how cold his fingers feel without Kurt’s warmth. "Can we move on already?"

Kurt bites his lip. “How does he know,” he starts singing suddenly, gaining more volume with every word, “you love him?

"No," Blaine says immediately. "No no no, stop it, you don’t have to start singing again—"

How does he know," Kurt goes on, ignoring Blaine’s pleading, "he’s yours?

"Kurt, please—"

The old couple behind them starts humming along to the song when Kurt continues singing, and Blaine startles, jumping away from them. The busker under the tree grins at the scene, already strumming a fitting rhythm for the song with her guitar, and Kurt’s whole face lights up with a wide smile. 

How does he know that you really, truly, love him?" he sings to Blaine, more random passers-by around them joining in, and Blaine groans. Why are people always singing around him these days? They’re worse than his old classmates at Dalton with all these impromptu performances.

But Kurt is still grinning at him, and somehow, after the whole damn park has joined in on the song (honestly, is there something in the water or why are New Yorkers suddenly going crazy? Blaine does not understand), Blaine finds himself humming along, laughing louder than he has in years when Kurt waltzes through the crowd with him.

It’s a catchy song, okay? That’s all.

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Fangirl Challenge + [2/10] Friendships:  The Core Four (The O.C.)

“It seems like the Fantastic Four is becoming fantastic again.”

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You already bought a ticket, and there’s no turning back now.

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